Masters in Internet Marketing Program Rankings

In a master’s degree program in internet marketing, you’ll cover topics such as email marking, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and more. To learn about these topics, you don’t need a master’s degree, but this is the fastest way to get a quality education about marking in an online world. The best programs are available from top schools in the internet marketing field; here are a few that are ranked well that you should consider if you want this type of degree.

Full Sail University

One of the best things about Full Sail’s Internet marketing program is that you can take classes online, which allows you to get your degree in this field without leaving the comfort of your own home. This school is known for their forward-thinking classes, and this degree program is no exception to that rule. In this program, you can specialize in advanced search engine optimization, Internet marketing campaign development, or web metrics and strategic analysis. Some of the classes you’ll take, no matter what your specialization, include interactive advertising design, psychology of the online consumer, marketing methodologies, and Internet law. At the end of the program, you’ll complete a capstone Internet marking project for an online brand to test your skills and get real-world experience.

University of San Francisco

The program at the University of San Francisco is just a master’s certificate program, so while those looking for a degree program won’t find it here, it is a top educational option for students who want a faster education in Internet Marketing. This training course prepares you for certification with Google Advertising Professionals or the Web Analytics Association if you so choose, and in any case, you’ll be fully prepared to work in the field of Internet marketing, whether you want to own your own website or work with clients to boost their online presence.

Florida Tech University

The online program at Florida Tech University allows you to earn an MBA in Internet Marketing, and while an MBA is definitely more of a time commitment on your part, it also looks great on a resume. Florida Tech University is a nationally ranked college, and this program includes classes in social media, mobile technologies, analytic services, e-business models, B2B strategies, and more.

Top Online Master of Internet Marketing Degrees

Southern New Hampshire University
MBA in Social Media Mktg

Southern New Hampshire University -- The MBA in social media marketing from South New Hampshire University provides students with a cutting-edge educational opportunity to learn the topic everyone is talking about--social media. Social media marketing skills are fast becoming a requirement for marketing professionals. Learn how to empower your organization to use Facebook and other online social outlets with this dynamic degree.

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Kaplan University
MBA in Marketing

Kaplan University -- An MBA in Marketing from Kaplan University is designed to help students pursue leadership positions within business environments. As a student, you will gain academic and real life experience of what it really takes to make critical management decisions. You will be able to apply the marketing research that you learn during this program and apply to your future marketing career ensuring you make decisions that help promote company products and increase its public recognition.

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Full Sail University
MS in Internet Marketing

Full Sail University -- An MS in Internet Marketing degree will teach you the best ways to build a successful organization through effective marketing campaigns. It is become more important for marketing professional to navigate the types of campaigns that work well online and eliminate those that do not. Companies are looking for marketing specialist that can help transition from traditional marketing methods to more modern techniques which is what will be taught during your coursework at Full Sail University.

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