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40 Fabulous Internet Marketing Job Sites

If in pursuit of a degree in marketing or if you already hold one, getting and keeping a job can be the hardest sell you make in your career. The new media has not only opened new ways of posting and sharing jobs, it has created new ways in which marketing professionals themselves operate. And because the latest trend or big thing is always around the corner, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

To help keep you on top of the business instead of the other way around, we have gathered 40 fabulous internet marketing job sites below. They are authored by everyone from those who have found success in internet marketing to those looking to fill a position and everything in between. So with their help, the next thing you have to worry about just might be negotiating a salary. Read More..

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50 Excellent Blogs to Help You Build Your Online Brand

Your business or personal brand is how people perceive your business or you, but you might want to learn how to shape that perception through expert advice. No matter if it’s a corporate brand, a personal brand or even a lifestyle brand, you can find blogs that may open your eyes to how small actions can help you or your business become more successful online. Use the following 50 excellent (and frequently updated) blogs to help you build your brand and to boost your online marketing potential. Read More..

19 Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Internet Marketing Professionals

Internet marketing professionals spend lots of time on their computers generating web content, working with SEO keywords and monitoring the performance and statistics of their websites. The right tools can make these jobs so much easier. If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, there are lots of extensions that can really help you create content and monitor websites far more quickly. There are also some great extensions that can just help keep any business person more organized and more productive.

Check out these 19 Google Chrome extensions we think every internet marketer will love.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Being able to check your email right on Google is such a timesaver. This Chrome extension allows you to automatically link to your email account to check for new mail quickly and easily. There are soon to be upgrades that will let you check more than one email account this way.
  2. Shareaholic: Quickly share web pages and the articles on them with family, friends and colleagues. You can even share upcoming events like seminars by simply sending the page with information about the event to those you think would be interested in attending.
  3. Google Map: Google Maps lets you have your Google map open in one window without changing losing the other website you’re browsing. Finding directions and even sending the map with directions has never been easier.
  4. Fastest Tube: You Tube videos are often great marketing tools. This app makes finding and bookmarking You Tube videos easy. You can also quickly get to You Tube for putting your own videos out there.
  5. Autopager: Autopager allows you to automatically load the next page of a site in line when you get to the end of the first page. It’s a real time saver when you’re reading through a lot of material.
  6. Daily Favorites: This extension loads your frequently visited pages quickly with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to constantly reload those pages that you visit every day. They’ll be right there in a simple list so that you can get to them with one click.
  7. Lorem Ipsum: Generate dummy text for your new website quickly with this extension.
  8. Yoono: Get to all your social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Friendface, MySpace, Flickr and Linked In more quickly using Yoono.
  9. ScribeFire: Got a blog? ScribeFire is a great way to post to all your blogs quickly and easily. It is compatible with almost every blogging software.
  10. RSS Subscription Extension: Get your subscriptions via RSS feed quickly and easily with this extension. Monitoring your favorite blogs and websites has never been easier.
  11. Split Screen: Split your view between two different web pages with this extension. It’s perfect for comparing material when you’re researching lesson plans.
  12. Google URL Shortener: Shorten long URL addresses into something more manageable for sending to your colleagues.
  13. Symtica: This extension can manage all those applications you’re using, like Gmail, RSS feeds,etc. It takes the pain out of having a lot of applications.
  14. Web of Trust: This quick ad on lets you know which websites you can trust, and keeps your browsing safe. The sites are rated by users.
  15. Last Pass: This is a great password manager and form filler tool. It keeps track of all your passwords for you and fills out forms with your info.
  16. Meta SEO Inspector: This app allows you to quickly review a site’s meta data so that you can see if you have SEO problems.
  17. Page Rank: Add Page Rank to your tool bar and see your page ranks quickly and easily.
  18. SEO Playground: You can find a whole host of internet marketing information that can be used on nearly any page you create.
  19. SEO Quake: You can view a lot of different SEO data at once with this great app.

Clearly, there are lots of productivity tools on Google Chrome. Keep in mind that new extensions are developed all the time, so keep checking back for ones that might help you get your internet marketing job done more quickly and more easily.

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Learn Internet Marketing Basics

Internet marketing is understood as to be i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.  The interactive nature of Internet marketing provides an instant response to a service or a product. Below are provided some basic and easy methods to learn about Internet marketing basics.

  1. E-Marketing Man: This is the web site that teaches about starting an Internet business, online e-marketing and e-marketing strategy. It provides entirely free information about starting, operating growing and managing business. By having knowledge and learning from this website people even can save thousand of their rupees instead of wasting over an Internet Marketing Consultant.
  2. Marketing Today: This online journal on Marketing is published by Peter DeLegge and the journal since its start provides articles with insights on strategies and tactics and result studies as relevant and important to online marketers.  One of the premier contributors to Marketing Today is DeLegge and other important contributors are author Robert Bly and Jay Levinson.
  3. Seo Training Courses: The Web CEO Universities, it is the most formal source of education, information and certification in the field that is growing field of Internet Marketing. Internet can spread around and about business info about your product and services everywhere.  So, here you will get all the best and furnished ideas to grow your business and extend up your horizon vertically.
  4. Online Business Basics: The Online Business Basics website provides quite important tips to create a successful business as to build and grow business. If anyone who is looking for a method for quickly and effective method top make money online than at this site all the necessary ideas and tips are given as to make it an effective and useable home business. It therefore incorporates ideas for   business plans, home office business, accountant business loans, affiliate marketing and web hosting.
  5. Jc Dawkins Strategic Online Training: This is a blog for training all basic online marketing tips to make business online by employing strategic online marketing for business owners, regardless of business or niche with effect to grow business with various online marketing strategies. On this blog, there stepwise guidance is given for getting online and having knowledge for some necessary Internet marketing steps.
  6. Corin Zander: This is a blog by a seasoned online professional who by the medium of his blog on online marketing practices tries to keep his readers well informed with the latest products and happenings in general in the internet world. He teaches how to make big profit out of online marketing that in itself is a very huge business. The tips provided by him are really outstanding and marginally differentiates out things.

5 Twitter Apps for Internet Marketers

Using Twitter as a marketing tool is a potential with an endless opportunity though in a novice stage. If a user pattern has to be understood on Twitter than one can get most of the users to be potential clients yet been to relatively young, upwardly mobile, tech savvy and with ample money on their discourse to be spent out. Marketing on Twitter can be used as an opportunity to instantly spread word about your business. Below are some Twitter apps which can be used and employed for marketing purposes.

Twellow: Twellow is often considered as yellow page variation of directory of Twitter and is consisted of public Twitter accounts having thousands of public Twitter accounts and categories and search options to assist to find out the person or profile of your use and thus becomes a marketing tool as to target and search out profiles on the Twitter.  In Twitter one can organize twitter followers list by offering a public profile containing a sample tweet, total number of followers and brief information.

Tweet Later:  It is an auto-responder for Twitter and is provided for free and let users to setup and organizes tweets in advance. These tweets happen to be containing a link to a website or a landing page of your website. One of the smarter ways to retain your new follower is by the method of keeping a link saying them thanks for becoming their follower. It is a multi functional application which makes great use of twitter into a marketing plan of the company.

Twitbeep: Twitbeep is a tool used mainly by bloggers. It is a free to use service that sends out alerts whenever your preset keywords are used in Tweets. It’s like Google Alerts for Twitter, but if used properly can make twitter as a marketing tool .You can also Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates

TwitPwr: It is a service as common as similar to tinyurl. This formulation tool creates shortened URLs which are better friendlier with twitter tweets.  It also tracks and ranks all twitter accounts.

Tweet Level: It is a free tool with assessment of importance of a user on Twitter. As how much trusted is a user is on the Twitter and the degree of influence that they leave away or have on their followers. It works upon four categories like, how many people listen over what has been said by you, how many are your follower and how actively you have participation into the things. Thus this tool helps in measuring effectiveness of a Twitter marketing campaign.

Masters In Internet Marketing

Nowadays, most organizations and individuals are realizing that branding and marketing strategies are almost mandatory, if their businesses are to succeed and gain exposure. There is a huge potential in the internet, for those who wish to advertise and make their businesses visible to interested people.

In this regard, one can decide to become an expert in Internet marketing by pursuing a masters in Internet marketing. This is an advanced degree program that takes one through multi channel marketing, which is continually evolving. It also gets one acquainted with the complex issues and marketing opportunities that are found in the industry of Internet marketing. This is especially ideal for marketing professionals who should strive to understand the limitations and possibilities found in the digital media. Masters in Internet marketing will also guide marketing professionals on how best to make use of sound fundamentals in marketing in this technological landscape that is constantly changing.

This degree program provides one with a thorough exploration of specific Internet marketing strategies, design principles of interactive advertising, plus Internet law and copyright infringement. Besides, one also learns on how to make the best use of social media networks like face book and My space, and how to search engine optimization works. By enrolling for degree program concerning masters in Internet marketing, one will be sure to get the required knowledge of the tools that can create effective marketing strategies. Such marketing strategies will greatly help in selling products, developing and cultivating a certain brand, and also protect the reputation of the company within the Internet fraternity.

Most companies are seeking to recruit individuals with masters in Internet marketing to help mostly in the creation and production of Internet marketing campaigns. This is because such campaigns have a huge potential and are a sure way of generating sales, or getting customer feedbacks. Therefore, anyone can become a marketing leader by pursuing masters in Internet marketing which is the new trend among most companies and organizations.

There are numerous universities around the globe that offer these degree programs, and with which one can enroll either as a regular student, or as a part time one. They take varying durations, but by the time one is through, they have adequate comprehension of the SEO, basics of e-commerce, and even comprehending the psychology of the consumers online. This latter point is particularly important since understanding the psychology of the consumer is the first step towards giving them what they want, and knowing what they do not like. Nowadays, companies are spending much money just to have new websites created for them by web designers. A well created site can be linked to other sites, or to the social media networks, some of which get over a million browsers a day. Having designed such websites, companies then search for Internet marketing professionals who have the know-how to get the best out of Internet connectivity.