40 Fabulous Internet Marketing Job Sites

If in pursuit of a degree in marketing or if you already hold one, getting and keeping a job can be the hardest sell you make in your career. The new media has not only opened new ways of posting and sharing jobs, it has created new ways in which marketing professionals themselves operate. And because the latest trend or big thing is always around the corner, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

To help keep you on top of the business instead of the other way around, we have gathered 40 fabulous internet marketing job sites below. They are authored by everyone from those who have found success in internet marketing to those looking to fill a position and everything in between. So with their help, the next thing you have to worry about just might be negotiating a salary.

Fabulous Internet Marketing Job Sites by an Individual

Learn all about a career in internet marketing with the help of these blogs.

  1. Conversation Agent
    Want your internet marketing from someone who knows it? Then check out Valeria Maltoni’s blog. She is Principal of Conversation Agent, LLC and has 20 years of experience, 10 of those being online. Get tips, a heads up on what’s in, and an inside look on the view from the top.
  2. Buzz Marketing for Technology
    Get marketing for and by technology at this blog. Paul Dunay keeps a blog all about “innovative ideas for B2B technology marketers.” He is also the author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies.”
  3. How to Change the World
    Guy Kawasaki doesn’t have much to say about himself, but he sure does say lots about the world of internet marketing. The latest trend is often the topic of discussion. He often shares his own personal strategy for it.
  4. Idaconcpts
    This is a fast growing blog on news in social and digital media, technology, and web culture. Damian Davila is the founder and CEO and uses the blog as a business card for future clients. However, those interested in a career in internet marketing will appreciate the tips from a pro.
  5. Jacob Morgan
    He is Principal of Chess Media Group which specializes in social business and media. He is currently writing a book on the topic and already has one published about Twitter. He recently blogged on the risk of looking stupid during collaborations.
  6. Steve Rubel
    He is EVP/Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman – the world’s largest independent public relations firm. His specialty is studying the future of media and works across the firm’s practices and geographies. The downfall of the mobile app was the topic of his latest post.
  7. Brian Solis
    He is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. However, it is for his prominence in the new media that he makes this list. Check out his latest thoughts, as well as links to articles, on his blog.
  8. Chris Moody
    He combines marketing, branding, and design all with social media and new marketing in mind. He is a marketing manager at Phonebooth.com and guest lecturer at NC State. Choose posts by marketing, design, and even top 10.
  9. Digital Influence Mapping Project
    John Bell’s job is to take the latest in digital innovations and apply it to business. See how he does it with a visit of his blog. He even includes a section of useful tools for internet marketers.
  10. Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates Blog
    This blog is where PR, social media, and marketing combine. Cathryn Hrudicka is the founder and CEO of Creative Sage, which has loads to say on internet marketing. Blog posts don’t come often, but those that do are full of information.

Fabulous Internet Marketing Job Sites by a Group

Two or more people help you learn more about internet marketing below.

  1. Vanksen
    This company specializes in how brands from all across the world are moving to 2.0 marketing. See who and how with a visit of the blog. The main site also offers more expertise and even case studies.
  2. Hubspot
    All topics of internet marketing are discussed here including SEO, blogging, social media, and others. The founders were students at MIT who would later go on to build their own internet marketing company. Learn the secrets of their past and current success with a read.
  3. Pronet Advertising
    Pronet Advertising is a blog dedicated to bringing you the latest in social media and new media news, reviews, and commentary. With loads of experts chipping in, you can discuss everything from Apple to YouTube. One of the most recent posts was on Facebook privacy.
  4. Grown Up Thinking
    Have a feeling that all this internet marketing is just for kids? Then think again with the help of this New York agency that is committed to decoding the mystery of the new consumer and media. They recently discussed back to school apps.
  5. Kikabink
    They provide products and services to help marketers and domain name investors monetize the internet. The blog shares the latest news on developments in the area. Be sure not to miss how to get a free copy of “Killer Internet Marketing Tips.”
  6. The Daily SEO Blog
    Visit here to get the blog of the SEO professionals at SEO MOZ. In addition to the blog, they also have job listings and contract offerings. The main site also has other resources and an online community.
  7. Marketing Profs
    You don’t have to be a marketing professor to read or even write for this site, but it doesn’t hurt. This huge network of marketing professionals keep their readers up to date on everything from case reports to latest trends. They also have events, online seminars, and more.
  8. Center Networks
    They relaunched their company for the specific purpose of covering web startups, jobs, capital, and more. A load of contributors write and have been featured everywhere from Information Week to Wired. They recently shared the company most likely to replace Craigslist.
  9. GoMediaZine
    Anyone can write about how great their internet marketing can be, but how many can show you exactly how? The guys and girls here give detailed tutorials on how to turn the internet into your best marketing tool. Popular entries include 2.5D composting in After Effects and distressed t-shirt mockups.
  10. AdRants
    Get a review of all types of marketing and advertising on this blog. The latest hit or miss is often shared and discussed. Also a good stop for those who need a laugh.

Fabulous Internet Marketing Job News Sites

Get the latest in internet marketing news with a visit to the below.

  1. Click Z
    Marketing news and expert advice combine on this site. What’s hot and the latest headlines greet you right on the homepage. You can also read from one or all of their experts on everything from digital publishing to tablet apps.
  2. Internet Marketing News Watch
    Get just the headlines by clicking here. The site features several a day with internet marketing in mind. You can even choose your news by a variety of different languages.
  3. Marketing Pilgrim
    Cynthia Boris takes on all the internet marketing news and gives an insightful commentary. Choose from channels on SEO, inbound marketing, infographics, and more. Popular posts are on an entrepreneur’s worst enemy and social media burn out.
  4. Media and Advertising
    Get the latest news in marketing from this section of “The New York Times.” They have items in the new media, old fashioned advertising, and everything in between. They even have a special blog on the topic.
  5. Marketing Vox
    Visit here for the latest practical news and developments at the intersection of search, email, social media, mobile marketing, web analytics, online advertising, and more. Headlines come several times a day and range from mobile phones to ad-blockers.
  6. PR News
    Get loads of news for the public relations sector here. Many internet companies and strategies are featured. You can also visit to view job openings.
  7. Dose of Digital
    How does all this internet marketing affect healthcare? Check out Jonathan Richman’s blog for the answer. Recent entries are on healthcare privacy and how your computer can be your best or worst health tool.
  8. Onward Search
    This site specializes in connecting the best internet marketing people with jobs. You can submit your resume, or check out their job openings. They also have a Career Center with more.
  9. Online Marketing Jobs
    A click here brings you a job site for online marketing and careers. You can do a traditional job search, or read more about their featured jobs. You can even get jobs by email here.
  10. Simply Hired
    Finally, if you just need to search for an internet marketing job, click here. It leads you to this job site’s massive opening board for the career. Search by location, employer, and more.

Other Fabulous Internet Marketing Job Sites

These internet marketing job sites fall into a category of their own.

  1. Neuromarketing
    How do neurology and marketing combine? Roger Dooley provides one of the web’s best answers by combining how the brain works with which marketing strategies work. Top posts are on Guy Kawasaki and how replies can change customer’s minds.
  2. Creating Consumer Evangelists
    Alex L. Goldfayn shares how to create passionate fans for your company on his blog. Rcent posts are on Steve Jobs and “5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Immediately.” He also has a Technology Tailor section with more.
  3. Good or Bad Email
    Looking to use email as part of your internet marketing? Then stop here to get a blog all about the best and worst of emails. Actual emails are sent out for the readers to vote up or down on.
  4. Sexy Social Media
    This mom and blogger loves reviewing social media startups. Her blog is a good choice for those who want to see how the everyday person sees their company. Eloquent reviews are also a good reason to stop by.
  5. Pitchengine
    If still having problems finding a solution to your internet marketing dilemma, why not stop here? It is an online social network of marketing and PR professionals. You can pose your query to the community, or check out what others have already shared.
  6. Agency
    Because individuals aren’t the only ones who do internet marketing, stop here. This blog is a sort of watch dog for marketing agencies. The latest trends, including internet, are often discussed.
  7. PSFK
    Need a daily inspiration for your internet marketing? This blog seeks to do just that. Daily ideas are on everything from Hulu to food art.
  8. Superhype
    David Deal doesn’t consider himself a marketing genius, but he is the founder of iCrossing. With an all marketing blog, various items such as “The Marketing Genius of Led Zeppelin” often make the topic of posts. You can also find entries on Facebook, Google, and other internet marketing tools.
  9. Drew’s Marketing Minute
    He may not focus on internet marketing, but his blog is worth the visit anyway. Author of “99.3 Random Acts of Marketing,” he has loads of expertise and blogging talent. He recently shared his “best customer tip” ever.
  10. Seth Godin
    It just wouldn’t be a top marketing list without Seth Godin. His outside the box way of approaching all things is of use to anyone, including internet marketers. His free blog is a must read for anyone looking to look a new way.

The above 40 fabulous internet marketing job sites can help you do everything from land a job to successfully pitch an idea and everything in between.

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