50 Excellent Blogs to Help You Build Your Online Brand

Your business or personal brand is how people perceive your business or you, but you might want to learn how to shape that perception through expert advice. No matter if it’s a corporate brand, a personal brand or even a lifestyle brand, you can find blogs that may open your eyes to how small actions can help you or your business become more successful online. Use the following 50 excellent (and frequently updated) blogs to help you build your brand and to boost your online marketing potential.

Brand You ImagePersonal Brand

  1. Brand You Image: Diana Jennings helps individuals to develop a personal brand and fine-tune that image.
  2. Career Rocketeer: This blog is one of the industry’s leading career search and personal branding blogs.
  3. Executive Brand Coach: The CEO or business leader who is stuck at a crossroads can forge ahead with ideas from Phyllis Shabad.
  4. Executive Career Brand: This blog is for those individuals ready to leverage the latest trends in online and offline career marketing to land the next great gig.
  5. Hello! My Name is Blog! Scott Ginsberg has transformed wearing a nametag into a six figure enterprise.
  6. Personal Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel, the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding LLC, is a world renowned personal branding expert.
  7. Shoestring Branding: Mario Sanchez Carrion’s idea of personal branding and strategy on a shoestring.
  8. The Executive Brand: Gayle Howard understands the unique challenges of presenting the mixed bag of experiences, projects and employment stints inherent in today’s technology careerists.
  9. The Personal Branding Blog: William Arruda provides unique insights and practical advice to help people develop a personal brand.
  10. Your Career By Design: Mary Rosenbaum helps people maximize their personal success.

Brand AutopsyBusiness Brand

  1. Brand Autopsy: John Moore was formerly in marketing at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market.
  2. Brand DNA: Stan Lee has been writing this blog focused on brands and communication since 2006.
  3. Brand Noise: Ideas and rants from the partners at scenarioDNA, a consumer insights think tank.
  4. Branding & Marketing: Chris Brown has an interest in marketing, branding, social networking, public speaking, marketing research and graphic design.
  5. Branding Blog: Dave helps small brick-and-mortar businesses with marketing.
  6. Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, award winning social media publisher and best selling author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.
  7. Integrated Brand: Parker LePla is a client-focused, strategically minded agency that develops and practices innovative approaches to brand development and marketing communications.
  8. Keith Ferrazzi: This blog offers advice on how to accelerate the development of business relationships to achieve personal, professional, and financial goals.
  9. Seth Godin: Seth speaks to individuals, businesses, nonprofits and anyone who wants to learn how to relay a message…and which message to relay for success.
  10. The Branding Gavel: Yinka helps individuals and organizations to maximize values in their brands through adequate positioning.

Buzz to BucksSocial Media Strategy

  1. Buzz to Bucks: Maria Elena Duron is skilled at making your networking WORK for you — online and offline.
  2. Chris Abraham: Chris is president and COO of the social media marketing firm, Abraham & Harrison LLC. He’s been into social media for over a decade.
  3. Danny Brown: Danny works on the human side of media and the social side of marketing. He also is the founder of the 12for12k Challenge, a community-driven social media charity that raised over $100,000 since inception in 2009.
  4. Debbie Weil: Debbie has been writing about corporate and CEO blogging and business use of social media for almost a decade.
  5. I’m On LinkedIn — Now What??? This is the blog supports the book by the same name.
  6. Lindsay Olsen: This blog looks into the impact of social media and recruiting, public relations and technology.
  7. Marenated: Maren Hogan has built a reputation (and a brand) by practicing what she preaches about social marketing and public relations.
  8. New Sales Economy Blog: This blog reveals the companies, people, processes, and technologies shaping and succeeding in Sales 2.0.
  9. Personal PR: Tiffany Monhollon works in marketing, communications and social media and writes about how today’s professionals can navigate the line between personal and work both online and off.
  10. Social Mouths: Francisco Rosales helps people be successful online.
  11. Social Pollination: Monica O’Brien is the author of the book, Social Pollination, which helps businesses leverage social media for growth.
  12. The Engaging Brand Blog: The Engaging Brand is for passionate people who want to grow their businesses through social media — often on tight budgets.

Become a Young Successful EntrepreneurLifestylists

  1. Become a Young Successful Entrepreneur: If you want to sell your startup for $50M+, follow Jun Loayza’s successes and failures to learn how.
  2. Bradley Will: Bradley shares experiences as an entrepreneur and a person who is prone to making mistakes in business and in life…
  3. Chris Brogan: Although Chris works with large and mid-sized companies to improvise online business communications, his focus is building a brand through online personal connections.
  4. Dreamosity: Put curiosity, dreams and generosity together to build a life of “dreamosity” for entrepreneurs.
  5. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki writes a “practical blog for impractical people.”
  6. InspirACTION: According to this blogger, “Things start changing pretty quickly when you go out of your way to engage in new activities you’ve never done before…”
  7. Jonathan Fields: Jonathan explores business, lifestyles, creativity and entrepreneurship as a way of life.
  8. L + E (Logic + Emotion): David Armano blends strategy with design and looks for new business opportunities around the social Web to enhance customer experience, to connect individuals and to innovate.
  9. Lauren Huston: Lauren is a social media strategist and lifestylist who wants the sweet life for herself and for you.
  10. Less Ordinary Living: This is a resource for everyone who believes that “life’s too short to be Ordinary.”
  11. Tim Ferris: Who doesn’t want Ferris’ lifestyle? Read up on his experiments to learn more about how to brand yourself as successfully as he has.

Brand CampTools

  1. Brand Camp University: BCU is an interactive conference that brings together the best and brightest minds in communications, marketing, brand development and business management.
  2. Brand-Yourself: Brand-Yourself.com is a toolset that helps you proactively manage your online reputation and promote yourself effectively.
  3. Building a Brand Online: This blog helps individuals expand the reach of their businesses through a 12-week course.
  4. Career Brander: Career Brander is a cost effective, easy-to-use service that assists individuals in managing their personal brand as well as accelerating their career networking.
  5. Innovation Tools Weblog: This site is the brainchild of Chuck Frey, a creative thinker with 20+ years of experience in PR, marketing, business strategy and information services.
  6. Mashable: Stay on top of the best online tools for marketing, branding and social media.
  7. VisualCV: VisualCV has revolutionized the resume forever by radically improving the ways in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared.
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