5 Twitter Apps for Internet Marketers

Using Twitter as a marketing tool is a potential with an endless opportunity though in a novice stage. If a user pattern has to be understood on Twitter than one can get most of the users to be potential clients yet been to relatively young, upwardly mobile, tech savvy and with ample money on their discourse to be spent out. Marketing on Twitter can be used as an opportunity to instantly spread word about your business. Below are some Twitter apps which can be used and employed for marketing purposes.

Twellow: Twellow is often considered as yellow page variation of directory of Twitter and is consisted of public Twitter accounts having thousands of public Twitter accounts and categories and search options to assist to find out the person or profile of your use and thus becomes a marketing tool as to target and search out profiles on the Twitter.  In Twitter one can organize twitter followers list by offering a public profile containing a sample tweet, total number of followers and brief information.

Tweet Later:  It is an auto-responder for Twitter and is provided for free and let users to setup and organizes tweets in advance. These tweets happen to be containing a link to a website or a landing page of your website. One of the smarter ways to retain your new follower is by the method of keeping a link saying them thanks for becoming their follower. It is a multi functional application which makes great use of twitter into a marketing plan of the company.

Twitbeep: Twitbeep is a tool used mainly by bloggers. It is a free to use service that sends out alerts whenever your preset keywords are used in Tweets. It’s like Google Alerts for Twitter, but if used properly can make twitter as a marketing tool .You can also Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates

TwitPwr: It is a service as common as similar to tinyurl. This formulation tool creates shortened URLs which are better friendlier with twitter tweets.  It also tracks and ranks all twitter accounts.

Tweet Level: It is a free tool with assessment of importance of a user on Twitter. As how much trusted is a user is on the Twitter and the degree of influence that they leave away or have on their followers. It works upon four categories like, how many people listen over what has been said by you, how many are your follower and how actively you have participation into the things. Thus this tool helps in measuring effectiveness of a Twitter marketing campaign.

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