19 Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Internet Marketing Professionals

Internet marketing professionals spend lots of time on their computers generating web content, working with SEO keywords and monitoring the performance and statistics of their websites. The right tools can make these jobs so much easier. If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, there are lots of extensions that can really help you create content and monitor websites far more quickly. There are also some great extensions that can just help keep any business person more organized and more productive.

Check out these 19 Google Chrome extensions we think every internet marketer will love.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Being able to check your email right on Google is such a timesaver. This Chrome extension allows you to automatically link to your email account to check for new mail quickly and easily. There are soon to be upgrades that will let you check more than one email account this way.
  2. Shareaholic: Quickly share web pages and the articles on them with family, friends and colleagues. You can even share upcoming events like seminars by simply sending the page with information about the event to those you think would be interested in attending.
  3. Google Map: Google Maps lets you have your Google map open in one window without changing losing the other website you’re browsing. Finding directions and even sending the map with directions has never been easier.
  4. Fastest Tube: You Tube videos are often great marketing tools. This app makes finding and bookmarking You Tube videos easy. You can also quickly get to You Tube for putting your own videos out there.
  5. Autopager: Autopager allows you to automatically load the next page of a site in line when you get to the end of the first page. It’s a real time saver when you’re reading through a lot of material.
  6. Daily Favorites: This extension loads your frequently visited pages quickly with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to constantly reload those pages that you visit every day. They’ll be right there in a simple list so that you can get to them with one click.
  7. Lorem Ipsum: Generate dummy text for your new website quickly with this extension.
  8. Yoono: Get to all your social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Friendface, MySpace, Flickr and Linked In more quickly using Yoono.
  9. ScribeFire: Got a blog? ScribeFire is a great way to post to all your blogs quickly and easily. It is compatible with almost every blogging software.
  10. RSS Subscription Extension: Get your subscriptions via RSS feed quickly and easily with this extension. Monitoring your favorite blogs and websites has never been easier.
  11. Split Screen: Split your view between two different web pages with this extension. It’s perfect for comparing material when you’re researching lesson plans.
  12. Google URL Shortener: Shorten long URL addresses into something more manageable for sending to your colleagues.
  13. Symtica: This extension can manage all those applications you’re using, like Gmail, RSS feeds,etc. It takes the pain out of having a lot of applications.
  14. Web of Trust: This quick ad on lets you know which websites you can trust, and keeps your browsing safe. The sites are rated by users.
  15. Last Pass: This is a great password manager and form filler tool. It keeps track of all your passwords for you and fills out forms with your info.
  16. Meta SEO Inspector: This app allows you to quickly review a site’s meta data so that you can see if you have SEO problems.
  17. Page Rank: Add Page Rank to your tool bar and see your page ranks quickly and easily.
  18. SEO Playground: You can find a whole host of internet marketing information that can be used on nearly any page you create.
  19. SEO Quake: You can view a lot of different SEO data at once with this great app.

Clearly, there are lots of productivity tools on Google Chrome. Keep in mind that new extensions are developed all the time, so keep checking back for ones that might help you get your internet marketing job done more quickly and more easily.

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