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mastersininternetmarketing is a site devoted to quality resources and guides for students interested in internet marketing. Internet marketing, Web marketing, or online marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet and promoting and/or selling products and services over the Internet. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and e-mail marketing are some of the concepts that are learned in an internet marketing program.

Now more than ever it’s important for a marketing professional to understand the possibilities and limitations of digital media. If you wish to enter this profession than you must understand how best to employ sound marketing fundamentals in this changing technological landscape. Courses in these programs include a wide range of materials such as an exploration for internet-specific marketing methodologies, Internet law, interactive advertising design principles, and teaching the best ways to utilize social media networks and search engine optimization.

Southern New Hampshire University
MBA in Social Media Mktg

Southern New Hampshire University -- The MBA in social media marketing from South New Hampshire University provides students with a cutting-edge educational opportunity to learn the topic everyone is talking about--social media. Social media marketing skills are fast becoming a requirement for marketing professionals. Learn how to empower your organization to use Facebook and other online social outlets with this dynamic degree.

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Kaplan University
MBA in Marketing

Kaplan University -- An MBA in Marketing from Kaplan University is designed to help students pursue leadership positions within business environments. As a student, you will gain academic and real life experience of what it really takes to make critical management decisions. You will be able to apply the marketing research that you learn during this program and apply to your future marketing career ensuring you make decisions that help promote company products and increase its public recognition.

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Full Sail University
MS in Internet Marketing

Full Sail University -- An MS in Internet Marketing degree will teach you the best ways to build a successful organization through effective marketing campaigns. It is become more important for marketing professional to navigate the types of campaigns that work well online and eliminate those that do not. Companies are looking for marketing specialist that can help transition from traditional marketing methods to more modern techniques which is what will be taught during your coursework at Full Sail University.

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What is a Master of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing encompasses many different styles of advertising and promotion for both products and services, so the degrees in the field are correspondingly diverse. Credentials in this field may use the terms Internet marketing, Web marketing, or online marketing. Overall, these master’s degree programs tie together creative and technical aspects of the Internet and promotion. The degree also includes how to sell products and services over the Internet. These programs teach search engine marketing and optimization, and e-mail marketing concepts. They typically also have a business component, especially Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Internet Marketing specialization programs or the MBA in social media marketing programs. There are also Master of Science (MS) in Internet Marketing programs that don’t stress the business component of the program as much as MBAs.

The Internet has begun to play a dominant role in everyone’s lives. It’s no longer just an optional enhancement to the existing plans of effective marketing campaigns—now it is an absolutely necessary component of any business. Online branding and marketing strategies have become mandatory for exposure and success of organizations and businesses. Online Internet marketing master’s degrees will help you understand the constantly evolving world of multi-channel marketing, along with the complex issues and opportunities found in this industry.

Program Curriculum for Master of Internet Marketing Programs:

There is a variety of schools that offer online Internet marketing master’s programs. Each program offers it’s own specialties, yet there are similarities between them. Typically these programs are designed to give students basic skills in a variety of subjects such as website analytics, social media, search engine optimization, ecommerce and online marketing legal responsibilities. All sorts of professionals—seasoned Internet marketing professionals, traditional business executive, entrepreneurs, etc.—will benefit from an understanding of tactics and technologies that are essential to planning and applying successful Internet marketing strategy from an organizational viewpoint. In general, all Master’s in Internet marketing programs will teach you how to:

  • Build effective online marketing strategies for customer acquisition and retention.
  • Apply Web 2.0, social media, mobile and emerging technologies as marketing and promotional tactics.
  • Track and measure online marketing campaigns using website analytical services.
  • Utilize emerging technologies in building and promoting a web presence, and identify critical success factors associated with web performance.
  • Integrate key analytics and consumer browsing behavior into your online marketing efforts.
  • Implement business-to-business (B2B) strategies and e-business models.
  • Understand core business principles and practices from a management perspective, as well as Internet marketing practices from an in-depth perspective.
  • Increase your career opportunities, confidence and financial security with a prestigious, one-of-a-kind MBA in Internet Marketing graduate degree.
  • Enjoy higher salaries, signing bonuses and other attractive perks.
  • Open doors to the most desirable senior management and executive positions.
  • Bring your organization into the competitive digital environment.
  • Gain skills you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Classes Offered in Master of Internet Marketing Programs:

Typically Master of Internet Marketing programs comprise 30 to 40 credit-hours in total. The program will have core or foundational classes, usually in business and marketing, as well as specialization or elective courses. Classes are supposed to help you gain the necessary tools to create a practical and strategic marketing plan for selling products, developing and cultivating a brand, and for protecting a company’s reputation within the Internet community. Academic studies usually lay in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and the psychology of the online consumer. More often than not a program finishes with a capstone project or research thesis. An example of a final project would be to create and produce an Internet marketing campaign for a company that you’ll select as your subject of study. The following is a list of potential courses offered through Master of Internet Marketing programs:

  • Essentials of Business Development
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Internet Marketing
  • Technologies of Internet Marketing
  • Integrated Internet Strategies
  • Strategic Management

Possible Careers with a Master of Internet Marketing:

The Internet has become such a vital component of everyone’s personal lives and businesses. As technology improves, the Internet revolution continues to change the way commerce is done. This means the overall employment for professionals in Internet marketing services will experience steady growth over the new few years. There is an increasing need for professionals who understand Internet marketing and the challenges it has to offer. Employers are looking for experienced professionals with strong business knowledge, practical leadership abilities, and a comprehension of how to do web marketing. With this degree you can work in a high-level or executive position in e-commerce, mobile technologies, social media and more. A few job positions you could obtain include:

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): This job position is responsible for an organization’s day-to-day marketing operations. You’ll be in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating marketing budgets and the production of public relations, media, creative, promotions, and advertising through mobile devices, video, and social media. It also involves sales management across global markets. A person with this job should be creative, analytical, and knowledgeable in production, information technology, legal, and finance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the mean annual wage for CMOs is $173,350.

Interactive Marketing Director: In this position you would develop and execute strategies that help companies meet customer needs. Within this job typical responsibilities include planning, developing, managing and executing initiatives to grow market share. You would be responsible for acquiring new businesses and customers, and increasing loyalty among existing customers. You’ll also be in charge of web analytics, increasing search engine optimization, and directing social marketing efforts. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage with a master’s degree for this position is $122,720.

Interactive Sales Manager: An interactive sales manager’s responsibility is to drive profitable sales growth in an organization across multiple platforms. Generally in this position you must target and research potential accounts, evaluate customer needs, and analyze market trends. You also must develop sales strategies, goals, and objects, in addition to implementing sales plans. Another responsibility may lie in hiring, training, and developing staff for an interactive sales team. An interactive sales manager must stay on top of industry, marketing, and interactive product and service delivery trends. Upgrading sales procedures and creating new programs and promotions to improve interactive sales performance are also job duties. The estimated mean annual wage for interactive sales managers in May 2010 was around $114,110, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Senior Internet Marketing Consultant: This position can work for a wide variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, travel, and more. You’re responsible of creating, developing and implementing Internet marketing plans. You’ll do this through leading search engine marketing initiatives to meet organizational goals. Job duties also include online ad campaign development, created by analyzing client websites. You’ll be responsible for recommending tools and strategies to meet the stated goals. Strategies used often include search engine optimization, search marketing campaigns and link building. Extracting insight from data, identifying relevant trends, and recommending appropriate action are additional job activities. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, this job position may earn around $61,580 a year.

Additional Sources of Information for Master of Internet Marketing:

  • Marketer’s Black Book (MBB): This is an online resource center and guide for Internet entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners who market online. They have newsletter with the most current trends in Internet marketing. They also offer training from people who are actively involved in business and in marketing.
  • Marketing Terms Dictionary: If you’re not familiar with current terms in Internet marketing, then this is the perfect guide for you. It’s a dictionary with all possible marketing terms you may find while doing Internet marketing. This website researches what you need to know and then puts it in an easy to digest form. They also have a page with Internet marketing acronyms that can be extremely helpful.

  • B to B Marketing Strategist Magazine: This website and monthly published magazine is for online marketing strategists. They have editorials written on all disciplines of business-to-business marketing. It provides useful information to develop a winning integrated online marketing strategy for your company. It helps you stay up to date on new developments in the Internet marketing field.
  • AdverBlog: This is a blog all about digital advertising. They have a team of writers from all over the world who bring recent developments in the Internet advertising field 24 hours a day.
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